Private diaries of Nazi propaganda maestro Joseph Goebbels and Himmler unearthed from the secret Soviet archives show that Adolf Hitler personally ordered the mass extermination of Jews on December 12, 1941, during a meeting of Nazi German regional governors in the chancellery.

As Goebbels wrote: "With regards to the Jewish Question, the Fuhrer decided to make a clean sweep ..."

At the Klessheim conference on the 17 and 18 April 1943, according to the protocol, Hitler noted, in regard to the Jews in Poland:"If the Jews there don't want to work they will be shot. If they cannot work, they must rot. They should be treated like tubercular bacillus which could attack healthy bodies. That is not cruel - if one keeps in mind that even innocent natural beings like hares and deer must be killed so that no damage occurs."

/Louis Bülow