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The Fried Children
Lolush Gerstner
Jiri Mautner
Pinchas Kohn
Eva Münzer
Little Chaim
Eva Nemova
Eva Heyman
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The young Jewish girl, Eva Münzer, was born 1936 in The Hague, where her father owned a men's clothing store.

After the German occupation of The Netherlands, the Münzer family remained in their home and endured the ever more repressive measures inflicted on the Jewish population.

On February 8, 1944, eight-year-old Eva and her sister Leana were deported to Auschwitz, where they were killed three days later.

During World War 2 a conscience-stricken SS officer Kurt Gerstein visited the death camps and witnessed the mass gassing of Jewish men, women and children.
He left one of the most horrifying testimonies of the Holocaust:

"I see everything! The mothers, their babies at the breast, the little naked children, the men and women, naked. They enter into the death chamber, pushed by the leather whips of the SS. Pack well, that is what the captain ordered. Seven to eight hundred persons on twenty-five square meters. More than half are children."



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